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1. WCBS-FM, NY - TRIBUTE TO CHARLIE GREER 10/05/96. (14 minutes) Hosted by Bruce Morrow, a tribute to the late, great WABC DJ of the 1960's. Includes live and taped reminisces from Morrow, Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy, Harry Harrison, Herb Oscar Anderson, Frankie Crocker and some airchecks of Charlie. Tape continues with the Morrow show until the 45 minute mark.

2. TRIBUTES TO BOB LEWIS (75 minutes)
WNEW-FM (02/07/87) - Hosted by Dennis Elsas. Includes reminisces, old aircheck segments, and excerpts from an interview with Bob-A-Loo himself.
WCBS-FM (02/14/87) - Hosted by Bruce Morrow. Includes reminisces, old aircheck segments, and phone-in's from Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy, Rick Sklar.

3. CKLW: THE FIRST 50 YEARS (4 Hours). The history of CKLW with interviews and many, many classic airchecks.

4. NEW YORK CITY RADIO MONTAGE: 1967 - 1969 (90 minutes)

5. NEW YORK CITY RADIO MONTAGE: 1969 - 1970 (90 minutes)

6. NEW YORK CITY RADIO MONTAGE: 1971 - 1973 (90 minutes) Includes scoped airchecks of the following: WABC/Dan Ingram, WOR-FM/Walt "Baby" Love, WWDJ/Bwana Johnny, WABC/Chuck Leonard, WPLJ/John Zacherle, WWRL/GB, WNBC/Dick Birch, WPLJ/Beatles '72 Day ad, ?/Gus Gossert, WMCA/Malachy McCourt, WNBC/Joe O'Brien, WNBC/Dan Daniels, WNBC/Don Imus, WCBS-FM/Dick Heatherton, WMCA/Jack Spector (final minutes of last show), WHN/Jack Spector (first minutes of debut show), WABC/Dan Ingram, WWDJ/Bwana Johnny, WNBC/Jim Scott, WABC/Ron Lundy, WWDJ/Howard Clark, WXLO/Joe McCoy, WCBS-FM/Bill Brown, WPIX-FM/?

7. WABC TOP 100 OF 1968 SEGMENTS (15 minutes). From a very recently unearthed reel-to-reel tape recorded by me during Christmas week of 1968. Collectors of unscoped only airchecks beware, but others might enjoy this. What's here are the introductions to FIFTY-TWO songs of the WABC Top 100 of 1968. The intro's include the prerecorded "WABC Superhit of the year number...", the DJ announcing the survey number and usually giving the title, artist and commentary / humor. A few seconds of the song is heard, then it cuts off and on to the next one. DJ's heard are Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow, and Roby Yonge. [Dan announces the #92 song as Johnny Nash's "Hold My Tights", and #49 as "The Good, The Bad, And The Ingram". Roby fumbles with some of the survey numbers.] The original tape was made using the very sophisticated technique of holding a microphone up to the radio speaker :-) and the sound quality varies from good to fair. It's a fun listen though, and out of the 52 songs heard, there are only two duplicates. This means that 50 (a full HALF) of the Top 100 of 1968 songs are heard introduced.

8. WNEW-FM TRIBUTE TO MUSICRADIO WABC, upon its change to talk radio. 05/16/82 160:00 Hosted by Dennis Elsas. Airchecks and interviews with Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow, Chuck Leonard, Scott Muni, Bob Lewis, Herb Oscar Anderson, and PD Rick Sklar. Ads scoped.

9. THE WMCA GOOD GUYS IN 1992. 90:00 Various scoped airchecks of many of the former WMCA Good Guys doing their shows in 1992. Includes: Joe O'Brien WHUD 5/3/92 (12m), Harry Harrison WCBS-FM 5/5/92 (13m), Jack Spector WHLI 4/12/92 (20m), Dan Daniel WYNY 5/7&8/92 (16m), Ed Baer WCBS-FM 4/28/92 (5m), Ed Baer WHUD 5/1/92 (8m), and Dean Anthony WHLI 5/7/92 (20m).

10. WCBS-FM 25TH ANNIVERSARY RETROSPECTIVE (66m). On the event of its 25th anniversary as an Oldies station, WCBS-FM broadcast this retrospective including reminiscing by many of its DJ's (Bill Brown, Don K. Reed, Harry Harrison, Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, etc) plus an aprroximate 10 minute collage of scoped airchecks from its early days.

**11. TRIBUTE TO ALISON STEELE (71m). Aired on WNEW-FM's "pretend 1972 day" on 5/22/97. Starts with Vin Scelsa and Carol Miller talking and saying that Alison called to say she couldn't be in that evening, but she had left a tape at the station for just such occasions. The tapes includes brief airchecks of two of Alison's show openings (including "Come, fly with me...Alison Steele, The Night Bird), portions of an interview with her about WNEW-FM's early days as a progressive rock station and her career there, and a good sampling of late 60's music.

**12. WOR-FM (NY) AIRCHECKS MONTAGE (25m). A great collection of scoped airchecks covering the years 1968 - 1972 at WOR-FM. DJ's heard are: Bill Brown, Bob Elliot, Al Brady, Hal Mitchell, Dan Thompson, Sebastian Stone, Tony Taylor, J.J. Jordan, Sean Casey, Steve Clark, Charlie O'Donnell, Jim O'Brien, Tommy Edwards, Mark Jackson, Bob Evans, Mark Driscoll, Danny Martinez, Rick Shaw, Johnny Donovan, Walt "Baby" Love, Jimmy King, and Joe McCoy.

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